My dog ??has two dogs.

Fall four years ago, before my sister got married my father, mother, older...

Fall four years ago, before my sister got married my father, mother, older sister and I, I decided to travel with four people. Family trip for the first time in ten years. It was a time when we were busy and talked a lot. After considering various things, the destination is Nanki Shirahama, Wakayama prefecture. It was my father's request. My father was looking forward to caring for favorite cameras, but I was looking forward to it. In the evening safely arriving at the inn, there is no camera of my father. Until just a while ago I was shooting so much nowhere. My sorry father told me a tour operator. After all, to remember how far we were taking pictures ... After all it turns out that it was inside a ship when you came to the inn. The next day morning, the tour operator delivered it. When I came home like that after finishing such a rare street, my father made a fuss again. ""There is no camera!"" This time it was in the bus on the way back ... The father who dislikes the surroundings very much, I regretly regretted and purchased a long strap from the next time I will squeeze from my neck. Four years have passed. After that, after that, I can not have time to go on a trip with my family, the straps are not used now, but as this story tells me this story comes out, my father is sorry a bit

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