My dog ??has two dogs.

In domestic travel I have been to Nara two days and two nights.

In domestic travel I have been to Nara two days and two nights. Because it was a trip with four good friends when I was young, you say that you do not care, it was a very energy-based trip. First of all we went to see the Buddha of Nara, but for the first time in Nara I was surprised by the number of deer than the Great Buddha. Besides, the deers are pretty aggressive and quite big, so I was a bit scared of animals that I am not good at. When I purchase a deer rice cracker and raise the bait, the deer in the neighbor comes by, I come near to come and friends were laughing when I ran around. Next was Yoshinogawa. Speaking of the Yoshino River, it is also popular as a rafting spot, and local children rush into the river from the top of the high quay wall to test their guts. We challenged to dive, but when I stand at the height at which the local children are flying, the feeling of fear doubles. Since it will jump into the river from the height of the third floor of the apartment, when you stand on the quay wall, it is not very, but you do not have the courage. As the local children laughed at such a thing, we realized that this was impossible to jump in and we instantly diverted. Later, if I make this talk talk to another friend, it is made stupid that ""I do not have guts"", but if I go back to the Yoshinogawa with my stupid friend and challenge the dive from the quay, I am afraid after all Because we fall asleep unless we can jump in, among us, the children of Nara are supposed to have different guts.

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