My dog ??has two dogs.

An interesting episode of my domestic trip occurred when I went to Yakushi...

An interesting episode of my domestic trip occurred when I went to Yakushima in Kyushu on my company's comfort trip. It was a trip I planned because I was going to leave abundant nature in Yakushima relaxedly. I should have taken an airplane from Osaka and headed for Yakushima. In the airplane, there was also a comfort tour and it was a big fuss because of eating and drinking. Among them, a junior who was still young, I have drunk a lot of beer, sake, wine etc, saying that sake is strong and never get drunk. It seemed that my mood had gotten bigger and I could not stop now. The plane was supposed to arrive normally in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but even if the scheduled time passed, I did not land. As I looked at the outside, the plane was turning round and round over Yakushima. According to the announcement of the captain, it was to say that the typhoon approached, the visibility was bad and it was not possible to land. Among them, the appearance of the junior who was drinking alcohol was strange, and it was clearly drunk. It seemed that I was drunk on an airplane, not due to alcohol. In the meantime, I started getting back to the etiquette bag with Gaeget. Finally the field of vision was opened and the plane was able to land, but the junior was doing it perfectly. Even if my seniors did not get drunk, I joked that they were getting intoxicated by the plane and everyone laughed at the same time. That junior was depressed during the Yakushima trip.

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