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It was a while ago when I went on a trip to Monkei Keikyo in Gumma, but I ...

It was a while ago when I went on a trip to Monkei Keikyo in Gumma, but I had a surprised experience went to a certain spot. I stayed at a ryokan in Monkei Keikyo and the next day my friend came near to traveling so that I decided to go eat somewhere and there was a facility where I could have a barbecue so I went there. There is a strawberry or something like a vinyl house in the neighborhood but it is located on the mountain, is there an amusement park a little away from the barbecue facilities? I found a place where things are written. Since we were free since we arrived earlier than friends, we decided to go there and went to see what kind of place it was. Then some strange music was flowing. Paying admission fee When I go to that place ... There was a plaza which opened a little. There are good goals in old basketball, netting from badminton or valley, there are things that are common in parks filled half the tire in the ground, rabbits, haunting cave, strange cave Cough There were lots of things that I thought was all right anyway. Do you take entrance fee with this! Is it? It is about a place. Since I entered, I played suitably for the time being and decided it was taking pictures with entertainers if I often watched it on the way home. Apparently it seems there was something about the show before the entertainer visited a bimbo. It was a rather unexpected experience, but maybe I will never go again. Because it is boring.

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